Amazing Audi RS6 Crash

Posted by Veronica Hernandez on Wednesday, December 22, 2010

audi crash
What you see is what you get, i.e. there was no cutting of the vehicle prior
to the pictures being taken. It is my brother-in-law that you see
holding the mobile phone, he honestly doesn’t know the speed that he
was going at but wasn’t near as fast as he has done in the past on that
particular part of the road.
Although the road was completely dry he said that it felt he was on ice and the car just careened into the tree. He actually called the emergency
services and climbed out of the car by himself, he spent only a couple
of hours in hospital, apart from a few minor scratches he got a bandage
around his little finger, I told him if he’s not already religious he
should take it up ASAP!
audi crash