Posted by Veronica Hernandez on Friday, December 24, 2010

accidents aston martin

Marton. The two mechanics (in thier twenties) were road testing the customers new car, they
lost control and hit the first tellegraph pole, the car then continued onto the foot path
got it dead centre and snaped the second pole in half, then hitting the no standing sign
breaking it off at ground level and finally coming to a stop at the gate entrance. This is a
short quiet street in Rose Hill N.S.W yesterday. How fast do you think these d**k heads were
going ? and I wonder if they are still holding down thier jobs today. The scary part for me
is they are same dealership that we have ordered our new M3 through. I think I will do the
predelivery road test myself.

How strong are these cars to be able to take a hit like that and the mechanics get out and
walk away.
accidents aston martin