Car Crash Range Rover

Posted by Veronica Hernandez on Saturday, December 25, 2010

range rover crash
CLEVELAND -- A man smashed his Range Rover through the brick wall of a townhouse in Arbor Park Village on Cleveland's near East Side Monday evening shortly after being shot outside a nearby convenience store.
Michael East, 28, of Cleveland, died after suffering multiple gunshot wounds, according to Cleveland police spokesman Lt. Thomas Stacho.
Though the silver sport utility vehicle broke through the brick wall and into a first-floor apartment, there appeared to be no injuries inside the home. Witnesses on the street said the owner was at work when the crash occurred just after 5 p.m.
Police on the scene at East 36th Street and Woodland Avenue were still sorting out details of what happened. Other officers were at the C-W Drive Thru at 36th Street and Community College Drive. They were investigating reports that a man walking past the store shot into the Range Rover in the parking lot next door.
How East fled the few blocks away was unclear. Residents of the federally subsidized rental development formerly known as the Longwood Apartments reported hearing screeching tires before the crash.
Angel Love, who said she lives in the upstairs unit of the duplex, said she was in the shower at the time of the crash.
"It shook so hard," she said.
A nearby street pole was flattened, as was a small tree in the yard outside the home.
range rover crash