Volkswagen Tiguan tuning

Posted by Veronica Hernandez on Sunday, December 12, 2010

volkswagen tuning
Tiguan clearly blossomed with the help of ABT Sportsline . In front of us is the case when body tuning elements help to reveal the true image of the car. Volkswagen Tiguan designers decided to leave a piece of unsaid: model turned out to be accurate, but unnoticeable. Now, thanks to ABT Sportsline , we know what really is Tiguan. In fact, Volkswagen introduced two variants of the front bumper for the Tiguan. Track & Field version got the bumper in the off-road style - with a typical plate protection in the central part. A version of Trend & Fun and Sport & Style got the bumper with a traditional design. ABT Sportsline only for them developed their overlay on the factory bumper. Got a cool one indeed!
More exciting experience of the behavior in the Tiguan turning can be achieved with a set of lowering springs. With these springs, and a 20-inch wheels Tiguan turns into a distant relative of a Golf GTI - with the suspension, rather rigidly developing roughness and with a good speed in the turns. Already a serial Tiguan charms with a typical of Volkswagen brand character - with mostly mild reactions and intuitive behavior in any situation.

Springs and wheels with low tires add some sporting notes. But ABT Sportsline is ready to help with the tuning of only 1.4-liter engine. Due to new control program, car operation has changed greatly: the power increased from 150 to 210 hp, and torque - from 240 to 290 Nm. Again, it is appropriate to compare with the hot hatchback: the tuned Tiguan version gets a strong catch sometimes after 3000 rpm. Thus forced engine does not concede to serial in the thrust at low revs. In ABT Sportsline inspiring dynamic characteristics are declared for their 1.4 TSI version.

After tuning the time of acceleration to 0-100 km / h is reduced from 9.6 to 8.0 seconds. To now ABT Sportsline has not finished working with the new 2-liter TSI engines. But their ideology allows to count on a significant increase in power
volkswagen tuning