Posted by Veronica Hernandez on Saturday, December 18, 2010

golf 6 tuning
The new Volkswagen Golf VI GTI was thundering of ABT. This is the first tuning program for the new model from Volkswagen, and includes both technical improvements and design changes.

Tuning house Abt Sportline has introduced a package of accessories for the Volkswagen Golf VI GTI. Tuner has presented this year in Essen, a kit for the VW Golf VI. Compared with the standard Golf GTI VI, which produces 211 HP with a propeller turbo of 2.0 liter, the tuned variant develop 260 HP, like the Mazda3 Speed / MPS.

Engine size remains the same, but software ECU and exhaust system has undergone changes. For those addicted to speed, Abt offers a package that increases power to 300 HP with only 5 HP less than a BMW 135i. The vehicle thus prepared cent reached 100 km in 6 seconds.

Abt adapted the matter and brakes so that they face the added power, and guard to the land was low with 30 mm. An exhaust system with four pipes delivers a sports sound, as a complement of kit.

At exterior Volkswagen Golf VI GTI receives optical blocks with LED technology, a new labeled Abt front grille, new side thresholds and new Spoil both the front and at the back.

Customers can opt for wheels 18 or 19 inches. Aerodynamic kit price is 3276 euro in Germany. Installation and painting the vehicle cost 1080 euro or 1170, depending on the package.

Power increase to 260 HP, get out of customer pocket 1490 euro plus 60 euro for installation and 130 euro for TUV registration. To kit that increases power to 300 HP Abt requires 5300 euro for the installation and TUV registration.
golf 6 tuning