Why You Should Wear Seat Belts

Posted by Veronica Hernandez on Thursday, December 16, 2010

acura crash
Well… It finally happened. My simple, yet strange fascination with flashing lights was fully realized around noon this past Thanksgiving day. The sun was out, the sky was blue, the temperature just above 45 degrees. Driving down Highway 54 near the Cole County line near Brazito… I remember it like it was just… well… yesterday.
Not pretty. We had the really unfortunate reality of being in a head-on car crash, t-boning a Ford Escort wagon at 65 MPH (minus my breaking abilities). C and I are both safe… In fact, I was able to put the car in park, turn off the engine, open the door and walk out. We both have some sore muscles and a few bruises, but are doing well. The other couple didn’t fair so well. The passenger had to be airlifted by helicopter to the hospital.
So make a note. Wear your seat belts. They saved our lives. The State Trooper, EMS teams and Firefighters all praised the fact that not only did our seat belts save us, but having an Acura TL with all of the safety features and careful driving provided the deciding difference.
acura crash