The wreckage of the VW Golf

Posted by Veronica Hernandez on Monday, December 20, 2010

volkswagen golf crash
Satellite navigation sends drivers completely the wrong way every day (or so they say) - but trucker Patrick Van Houdt must be regretting the day he chose to rely on his own sense of direction rather than buy a sat-nav system.
The father-of-four was on his way to an iron foundry when he became hopelessly lost. Unable to get his bearings, he stopped at a garage to ask for help. An attendant handed him a hand-drawn map ... alas, with the wrong directions.
Minutes later, the baffled 45-yearold found himself and his 7.5-tonne lorry in a quiet cul-de-sac. It did not remain quiet for long, however.
Unable to reverse, Van Houdt tried to negotiate a mini-roundabout but drove across it, ripping up two trees and demolishing a brick wall.
He then smashed into a VW Golf - owned by England rugby star Olly Barkley - before panicking and hitting the accelerator instead of the brake.
As he careered downhill with the Golf acting as a battering ram, he hit a Peugeot 306, Mazda RXF, Renault Laguna, Vauxhall estate and a Nissan Micra – all in all causing £20,000 of damage.
When he eventually came to a standstill, he was confronted by a mob of angry residents in Wadebridge, Cornwall.
One woman said: 'If I had a gun, I'd shoot you.'
Van Houdt, paraphrasing Sir Winston Churchill, replied: 'Lady, if I had a gun, I'd shoot myself.'
Van Houdt, of Maaseik, Belgium, appeared before Bodmin magistrates last week and admitted dangerous driving. He was fined £1,500 and banned from driving in England for 12 months.
Philip Somarakis, in mitigation, described the incident as a 'very bad day at the office'.
It was Van Houdt's first blemish in a 17-year driving career and he had been ridiculed by his colleagues, the court was told.
volkswagen golf crash