The FX35 one hell of an Infiniti

Posted by Veronica Hernandez on Monday, January 10, 2011

Infiniti fx tuning
Now to most the Infiniti would be classed as a SUV, but that is what make this so cool as with a lot of Nissan’s they tend to share common parts. Therefore, you have the Infiniti of course, but this car shares the FM platform with its cousins the 350Z and G35, now that is enough to get the attention of anybody.
After putting the VQ35 V6 into this car it must have been a tight fit, yet after some refinements this car is capable of producing around five hundred HP, which for a car like this is something to take notice of, imagine sitting at the lights next that beast!
Sure, this will rip it up from the lights, but what this really needed was a superior exterior and it has that too, it looks as if the body kit has been made from some sort of liquid metal that forms around the car to create a protective shield around it.
Infiniti fx tuning