WALD International SF46K tuning program for Lexus LS460

Posted by Veronica Hernandez on Friday, January 21, 2011

Lexus LS 460 tuning
If there is a whole lot of German companies specialized in this, the Japanese are certainly not the lasts on the list. One example is Wald International. Already offering a wide range of possibilities they have recently been working on the prestigious Lexus LS460.

The result, through the well-knowed and used body kit application, is a pleasure for the eyes. Somebody who doesn't know much about cars could easily mistake it for a standard version with bigger and more agressive rims and, in a category which is clearly looking for discretion, this is a positive point.

Instead of going for the looks only, the people at Wald have been working on an improved version of the V8 engine even though very few details have been communicated on this particular area so far.
Lexus LS 460 tuning