Tuning Kit For Mercedes GL 420 CDI

Posted by Veronica Hernandez on Sunday, January 16, 2011

brabus tuning
Owners of either the Mercedes GL 420 CDI or ML 420 CDI looking to add a substantial boost in power to their SUV without sacrificing their diesel powerplant's trademark fuel efficiency and strong pulling power will be pleased to hear that Brabus recently debuted a new tuning package for the two aforementioned models, titled the PowerXtra D8 (III) tuning kit.
Boasting an increase in power of 44 hp / 32.4 kW and 100 Nm torque, the PowerXtra D8 kit boosts the two 420 CDI models from 306 hp / 225 kW to 350 hp / 257 kW at just
3,800 rpm, while peak torque grows from 700 Nm to 800 Nm. As a result, the ML 420 CDI's 0-62 mph time is reduced from 6.5 to 6.0 seconds, while the GL 420 CDI 0-62 mph drops from 7.6 to 7.1 seconds. On both models, top speed also increases 6.2 mph.
Despite the increased performance, both models, as previously mentioned, still maintain their pulling power and low fuel consumption, with each noting comparable figures to those of their standard non-tuned counterparts.
To learn more, keep reading for the official press release detailing the Brabus PowerXtra D8 (III) tuning kit, along with photos showcasing both the Brabus GL 420 CDI and ML 420 CDI.
brabus tuning