Tuning Kit of Dacia Duster

Posted by Veronica Hernandez on Sunday, January 16, 2011

dacia duster tuning
Proud owners of Dacia Duster who are looking to get their hands on the tuning kit of the car need not wait any longer. German company Elia AG has come out with the modification pack for the SUV. This is not the first time that Elia AG has come out modification pack for Dacia cars as the company has come out with tuning kits for other Dacia cars.
Elia AG has come out with two modification packages for the Renault Dacia Duster. The first tuning kit from the company is known as the adventure kit and will include Duster badging, side steps and many other features that have a chrome finish.

The second package is the complete modification package that includes customised rims, redesigned front, rear and side bars, a new wheel spacer and chrome plated exhaust tip. The fog lamps that come with the standard Dacia Duster are replaced by ones that use LED technology. You also get a plug n play ECU remap that improved the power and the torque of the Duster. When power of the Duster improved from 110 hp to 122 hp and the torque improved from 240 Nm to 265 Nm when you add the ECU remap. You can also change the interiors with the eco-leather finish seat covers.
dacia duster tuning